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Plant support is essential to helping plants maintain the desired shape, height, and vitality, both during cultivation and as vibrant and decorative additions to homes and offices.
With nearly fifty years' experience, we are the market leader in the field of plant sticks, grippers, and clips. Our bamboo sticks and racks make plants more beautiful and contribute to their long lifespan.
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Van Nifterik

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Zoekt u naar een snelle plantondersteuning? Combiclips bevestigt u in één beweging, snel en met minimale spierbelasting. De Combiclip laat
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Glasfiber stokken

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Bamboe rekken
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Splitbamboe Rekken

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Bamboe bogen
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Splitbamboe bogen

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Deze bogen van splitbamboe geven elke type of grootte van plant de juiste vorm.

Van Nifterik

At Van Nifterik, quality support means long-term client relationships, the highest quality standards, in-house product development, customization, innovation, and a high-quality plant-support product produced by us in China. Our materials are durable, sustainable, colour-fast, tested, and inspected. We are fast, reliable, and flexible in meeting our clients' needs. You determine the delivery time, delivery quantity, and delivery frequency of your orders. Whether you prefer on-demand or period deliveries, all of our products are available from stock. As a result, we can usually guarantee same-day deliveries.

As quality support experts, we are familiar with the proven reputation of bamboo. We know where the best bamboo grows and which production methods are needed to create the highest quality plant sticks, bamboo racks, and bamboo U-shapes. Our unique anti-mould treatment makes our bamboo the best choice for you and your plants.

We developed from suppliers of standard plant sticks to proactive and creative developers of relevant support solutions for entrepreneurs in the horticulture sector. Special clips, plant racks, and spirals ensure custom plant shapes during cultivation. We are proud that our innovations make a real difference for your plants.

We continuously strive to reduce our environmental footprint and we are open to improvements that make the entire chain more sustainable. Our environmentally-friendly production methods, our use of natural products like bamboo, our optimized logistics flows, and our efficient business processes all add value to our plant support.