Quality Support


The roots of our growers’ association were put down more than forty-five years ago. Fruit farmer Van Nifterik senior started his business in 1969 selling tree poles to support fruit trees. His dedication helped Van Nifterik's Palenhandel develop into an industry leader in the Netherlands and abroad.

Van Nifterik Holland bv
In 1994, the company changed its name to Van Nifterik Holland b.v. under the leadership of Alex van Nifterik. The company soon grew to become the leading expert in support materials for the horticulture, arboriculture, and fruit cultivation sectors. Since 2010, the company has sold shelters to protect trees and fruits from the elements.

Van Nifterik was active in Ukraine from 2008 to 2015, particularly in fruit cultivation and arboriculture sectors. The company, formally established in 2011, was transferred to Ukrainian management in September 2015 to focus more on the local Ukrainian fruit sector.

Focus on horticulture
After selling the fruit cultivation and arboriculture departments in 2015, the company started expanding its horticulture division. This decision was based on the considerable differences between these three sectors. By focusing on horticulture, Van Nifterik hopes to provide gardeners worldwide with years of support.