Quality Support


Van Nifterik has been keenly aware of its social responsibility since its establishment.

Environmentally-friendly production
At Van Nifterik, sustainability means creating environmentally-friendly products::

  • Bamboo is our preferred material for plant support.
  • WWe are critical of fibreglass sticks, plastic sticks, plasticized sticks, and other materials and try to convince our clients of the benefits and environmentally-friendly nature of bamboo.
  • We are examining the benefits of adding biologically degradable clips to our product range.

At Van Nifterik, sustainability extends beyond the products themselves. e are committed to using environmentally friendly production methods as much as possible:

  • We develop and use water-based paint that has a minimal impact on the environment. Our paint process and anti-mould treatment is carried out in our own factory. These processes were developed in-house and are far more innovative than traditional paint processes.
  • We have a keen eye for innovation with respect to labour, working conditions, and logistics.
  • We aim to take responsibility throughout the entire chain. We encourage our suppliers to keep noise, dust production, and pollution to a minimum during the production process, which benefits their own employees and the environment.

Focus on materials
We have a modern and energy-efficient building in Ede. A few facts about this building:

  • The offices are heated and cooled using a groundwater pump and a heat exchanger.
  • We do not have a gas connection in the building.
  • The hall has a surface area of 2,800 m2 and can house 3,000 pallets.
  • We have three loading bays.
  • The entire building is equipped with a sprinkler system. In the event of a fire, the flames can be put out immediately to minimize the effects on delivery reliability.
  • We work as lean as possible in our warehouse. The shelves in our hall are up to eleven metres high, where our products are stored on pallets. This gives us an efficient storage area and helps us keep the number of internal logistical movements to a minimum. Our pallets carry a maximum load to minimize the total number of pallets used.
  • We work closely with KSV transport in Ede, the primary transporter of Veiling Plantion, which is located 500 metres away. They combine our deliveries with plants intended for the auction. This synergistic transport solution is good for the environment and minimizes waste.
  • Nearly all transport equipment is electric, including cars and warehouse trucks.
  • We are committed to waste reduction wherever possible.

The human factor
Van Nifterik is keenly aware of its responsibility for fellow human beings, including people in China. Despite the questionable reputation of many products that come from China, we guarantee excellent working conditions in our Chinese factory. We encourage the same ethical code that applies in the Netherlands among our colleagues in China. We guarantee that:

  • our employees are never exploited.
  • our employees are always paid on time.
  • our employees earn more than the Chinese average.
  • our well-equipped production hall makes no use of child labour.
  • our suppliers are strongly discouraged from using child labour and setting poor working conditions.
  • our Chinese colleagues do not have to work on Sundays or Christian holidays
  • our suppliers are encouraged to give employees one day off per week, based on our Christian beliefs
  • we respect the Chinese culture and ensure that our Chinese colleagues do not have to work on national or religious holidays

A visit to our factory is all it takes to see the quality of our facilities and approach. A beautiful, spacious, and well-lit hall forms the basis of healthy working environment. Our colleagues are happy to work here.

Helping hand
These days, there is considerable inequality when it comes to freedom, health, and available provisions. Our Christian convictions have inspired us to lend a helping hand wherever we can. That is why we support ZOA, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Gevangenenzorg Nederland, and other foundations committed to helping people. Van Nifterik is investing in the future of children in developing countries together with Woord en Daad, a foundation that works with a local partner organization to more children gain access to education. This collaboration helps to prepare sponsored children to enter society.