Quality Support


Van Nifterik is a flourishing company with a team dedicated to developing the best and most beautiful plant support.

We do this by:

  • Adding value
  • Maintaining a good relationship with clients
  • Complying with the highest quality standards
  • Conducting in-house research and development
  • Ensuring flexible, fast, and reliable deliveries

Producing plant support products in our own factory in China
In 1994, Alex van Nifterik travelled to China for the first time and visited an area where bamboo grows. The unique properties of this sustainable natural product make bamboo a highly suitable support material. Many more trips followed and his love of the material only grew. Over the years, sales to gardeners and growers increased and the company became the leading supplier of bamboo for gardeners, growers, and – at that time – tree and fruit growers.

An eye for bamboo
We are still passionate about producing high-quality bamboo to support a variety of plants. Of course, as an importer and wholesaler, we also sell other horticultural support products, such as grippers, metal shapes, racks, and bamboo varieties like split bamboo and tonkin sticks. But bamboo is our passion. 'When we look at plants, the first thing we notice is the supports. We love bamboo and believe in this product. Bamboo is what makes our company so unique,' says Alex van Nifterik, director of Van Nifterik Holland b.v.

Focus on clients
Van Nifterik is not a large company, as you may have noticed, but we reap the benefits of being a small-scale business. Our team of roughly ten people can deliberate and respond to your needs quickly and flexibly. Our daily contact with China and our monthly visits to both the office and the factory lay the foundation for a streamlined order process. Alex has visited China more than a hundred times. Our other colleagues also make regular trips to China for purchasing, quality control, streamlining processes, and improving machine production methods.

Focus on people
OOur communication method is personal and we maintain close relationships with our clients. As a result, many of our clients have known our sellers personally for years now. To maintain these friendly relationships, we use Unit4 software and a custom ERP package, which was designed to streamline our business processes and support the production, logistics, inventory, and delivery of bamboo from China. Our team in China uses some of this software as well, which allows us to provide you with up-to-date information about product specifications, stock levels, container loads, and more.

Focus on quality
We guarantee high-quality products. Quality inspections are a standard part of our operating procedures, both in China – where our bamboo sticks are grown – and in the Netherlands. We have our own mini greenhouse where we test our treatment methods and every container is randomly sampled and tested in the Netherlands. Our keen eye for quality improvement even extends to your location. All of our pallets contain transport information about your delivery. We deliberately set the bar high in order to maintain quality. As a result, the number of order complaints is extremely low. This allows us to focus on innovation and look to the future together with you.

Focus on research and development
Bamboo is an excellent choice for your plants and for the environment. It is a great product that has more than proven itself over the years. Bamboo is also known as the green lungs of China, as it grows quickly and can be harvested quickly. This has a positive effect on employment, unlike logging (which leads to deforestation and environmental damage) and plastic plant sticks (which contributes to plastic pollution in our oceans and threatens the entire ecosystem). Bamboo is a fast-growing, above-ground crop that can be harvested four to six years after planting, unlike wood which takes twenty years to be harvest-ready. Despite considerable bamboo harvesting, the total surface area of bamboo forests in China has increased in the past five years. Deforestation is certainly not an issue.

Focus on the product
Van Nifterik buys the majority of its bamboo products in a semi-finished state. The added value of our bamboo sticks and racks is achieved entirely in-house. This method is good for our business and the environment, as it helps us comply with environmental regulations and our clients' wishes, both now and in the future. It also allows us to offer custom solutions. If you want a rack with a specific number of columns and rungs or a metal shape in a specific size and colour, we can help you develop your ideas.

Anti-mould treatment
We are committed to improving the quality of our products. One example of this is the innovative and environmentally-friendly machine we developed to paint our plant sticks. We exclusively use anti-mould paint for our split bamboo sticks, which is available in any colour. This innovation once again distinguishes Van Nifterik as a market leader in plant support.

Quality assurance
Van Nifterik has its sticks tested by an independent analysis firm. This provides us with objective feedback on the safety of our products for people, plants, and the planet. We want our bamboo products to be free from heavy metals and pesticides. This is a challenge, as the paint has to meet a lot of requirements before it can be applied to a bamboo product.

Flexible orders and fast and reliable deliveries
As a grower, you have one goal: to create the right conditions for your plants in order to achieve the best possible results. Van Nifterik can support and advise you in this. We are extremely reliable and flexible. You determine the delivery time, delivery quantity, and delivery frequency of your plant sticks. You can choose on-demand deliveries or deliveries according to a fixed schedule. We have a wide range of products in stock, which allows us to meet your needs. We can even deliver the next day if necessary.