Quality Support


Getting better at what we do
Our goal is to provide our clients around the world with the highest quality plant supports. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our methods and extend the life of your plants, which may become more susceptible to moulds due to faster growth. The anti-mould treatment on our plant sticks has proven to be more effective than the more expensive plastic sticks.
We also strive to further optimize our product deliveries and are open to discovering new support materials for your plants. For instance, an orchid hook can turn a wild-growing plant into one that blossoms beautifully. Van Nifterik aims to make a real difference by offering a wide and varied collection for the horticulture sector.

Enhancing the decorative role
In addition to being functional, plant racks and U-shapes are also decorative and can increase your plant sales. Van Nifterik plays an active role in developing special shapes, bamboo racks, bamboo U-shapes, and split bamboo racks in brown, green, and other colours. We would be happy to help you create custom products for your clients, such as split racks, clips, U-shapes, power racks, and patio racks. Our metal hearts and O-shapes are perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and New Year. We can help you increase the value of your plants.

Delivery information on your desktop
Do you want to be able to track the delivery of your plant sticks or custom racks? Do you want to check which invoices have to be paid or how much split bamboo you ordered? Do you want to add grippers, KeesClips, HortiClips, or orchid hooks to your order? In the future, we want to make things even easier by developing fast and user-friendly software solutions that provide you with detailed information. We therefore plan to transfer all of our Chinese production information to our Dutch software to give you a more detailed overview. We will also develop a portal to provide you with instant access to your client information whenever you need it. This portal will be personal, comprehensive, and updated in real-time to allow you to manage your information as efficiently as possible.

Improving the sustainability of the chain
We would love to share our experience with environmentally-friendly products, production methods, supply chain optimization, and efficient business processes. Our goal is to improve the sustainability of the entire chain to the best of our ability. In order to do this, we became members of Benefits of Nature, an organization that calculates and improves the environmental footprint of companies and their products in the international agriculture and horticulture sector. Benefits of Nature increases the transparency of sustainable business practices. In this way, Van Nifterik is demonstrating its desire to become a leader in environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible plant support solutions.